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I sleep all the time. I try and fit animation in when I can... usually doesn't happen... yawn

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Chimbley's News

Posted by Chimbley - July 8th, 2015

Finally got around to making one.  Check it out if you want!  It has a lot of my recent work.



Posted by Chimbley - May 22nd, 2014

Hey guys so ive been working on a short film for a while now.  I dont want to give away too much but its gonna be a suspense scary little animation.  I've never done that kind of cartoon before so this is really excited.  I'm  getting to explore new types of story telling and animation stylings which is always fun :)  I dont really have much to show but I threw together a quick shitty teaser you can watch if you so choose


Also I made a flappy bird knock off game!  Yes its been done many times before but mine has cute graphics and music!  In all seriousness though I made it for a class within my computer science major and I decided to throw it up on the app store so my friends could play it.  If you want to feel free to check it out.  Its free!




Posted by Chimbley - March 5th, 2014

Hey Guys!  Long time no see!  I've been neglecting my newgrounds account for a few years and it kills me :(  I've been so busy lately that I haven't had to time to contribute to this wonderful site.  

I've been making cartoons for Comedy Central's new show Trip Tank for a while now.  I have wanted to post some animations here but all the good ideas i have I can't help but pitch to the network to try to get them on tv haha.  If youre interested in seeing what the hell I've been working on for the past like 2 years, you can check out the show Trip Tank which premieres April 2nd on Comedy Central.  I made four cartoons for them and I couldnt be more excited.

Despite all of the work I have been producing for Trip Tank, I decided to make a cartoon specifically for newgrounds. After all, this is where I first started making animations.  I love this site and I love you guys.  I wish I could promise that I'll be putting more stuff up on here, but the second season of Trip Tank is about to start pre production and I'm going to be working very hard for content on that BUT I hope to put one or two more stupid cartoons on newgrounds this year :)


Check out this cartoon I made for you guys if you have the time!  Love you guys!  Stay gold











Posted by Chimbley - September 1st, 2013

Hey guys!

I would like to start off my apologizing. Its been almost 2 years since I've posted any cartoons. Its pretty pathetic. I hate neglecting this site because its my absolute favorite. School has been demanding since I declared computer science as my major. All the free time I usually have is spent sleeping, eating and pooping. But this isn't a pity party so don'at cry for me Argentina.

A few months ago I was approached by some nice fellows at Shadow Machine, a film and television production company producing a new show on Comedy Central called Trip Tank, which is set to premier this coming fall. Trip Tank will be an animated sketch show with many different short bits animated in different styles (similar to MTV's Liquid Television). They were interested in having me pitch some ideas as well as voice and animate! I just finished my first piece for them and I'm in the process of filling out all the necessary paperwork.

I've been so busy communicating with the producers, writing scripts, making storyboards, drawing animatics, voicing and animating. This is a fantastic opportunity for me and I'm so very excited :) The only thing that makes me sad is that this only makes me neglect newgrounds even more. Newgrounds is a home to me. I love it very much and everyone here has taken great care of me. Before this whole thing with comedy central I had been in a little but of a rut with animation. I was becoming a little bored with it but I've have been rejuvenated! I am going to be working a lot on pieces for this new show, but I have so many ideas and halfway done cartoons that I want to put on newgrounds!

I love you guys. I wish I could just cuddle with you all. Stay gold

Posted by Chimbley - February 11th, 2013

Pssssst! Hey. I'm animating a short segment for the newgrounds documentary Everything by Everyone.

Posted by Chimbley - February 2nd, 2013

Hey guys! My god. My goodness have I been gone for a while! Like over a year! What the poop is up guys!?

So I haven't posted anything in so long and I feel really guilty. Life has just kept me really busy. Last time I posted an animation it was the beginning of my senior year in high school! I got so busy with college applications and sports and the girlfriend that I neglected my art and animation. Then over the summer I got an internship programming at a local company because (spoiler) my major is computer science! Yeah! Not art surprisingly! I love art and animation and everything, but I also love programming and creating apps and software. I hope to combine art with my comp sci degree in the future, but for right now, I am so happy to be in a degree that I enjoy.

BUT, i have missed animation so much! Ive been animating here and there for a while, and I have like 5 projects going on at once. I really hope to be more proactive with my newgrounds account this year, so keep an eye out for me :) I love you all.

stay gold


Posted by Chimbley - October 13th, 2011


call meh : 1 423 227 3625


Posted by Chimbley - October 2nd, 2011

HD awesomeness! (not really lol)

Posted by Chimbley - September 14th, 2011

U Guyz r teh best!

But Seriously. I really appreciate you guys watching, rating, and commenting on Pinata Party

I have to say, I've been a little less gung-ho about animation. Its not that I don't like it, it's just that Its really boring sometimes haha. I've been taking breaks from animation with actual traditional art. I've got a crap load of paintings and drawings and stuff that I'll probably put up sometime on some of the various sites that I'm on.

I just wanna let you guys know that you guys are pretty much the reason I still put animations online. I really enjoy your comments and imput; even the trolls because they are fun :)

I'm gonna try to make more animations soon. I'm just super busy with high school and what not. I'm sure everybody knows what I'm talking about when I say high school is utterly exhausting!

Any ways, just thought that I would give you guys some well deserved love. Again, I really appreciate all of you. I do read all of the comments! I just can't respond to them all.



Thank You Guys!

Posted by Chimbley - September 7th, 2011